CEO and Team

Whether you’re a Board, Private Equity firm, CEO, CSO or CFO, watching what is going on in your sales department is a critical.  Figuring out what to do to ensure that your goals are being met can be a challenge. Even if you do, making it happen is even harder. Could you use some help?

Are you a VAR who is struggling with how to work with the large companies like Cisco, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft and Oracle?   Is your sales leader frustrated with listening to your channel coverage rep, and while useful, their needs aren’t mapping well to your culture and processes? Could you use some help.

Is your VP of sales struggling but you know that with the right coaching they could do well?   Could they benefit from a non-threatening environment in which to kick around ideas and get ideas? Could you use some help?

Sales Management Graphic

What is Sales Management?

Sales management is a discipline focused on the management of a revenue number and the people that deliver it.  Sales Management is learned, needs to be mastered and executed minute by minute, day by day everyday.

So how does someone learn and progress their skills when learning is really just a process of making mistakes.  Can you afford to make mistakes with your business?

What if you could use the best practices of the largest sales organizations to help.

What if that came with a human being?

SpectrumLeap has access to a unique set of experiences in an easy to consume non threatening manner.  We’re not a magic bullet but we can provide assistance.

We think about this as Process, People, Product and we’ve lived it…


Problems with qualification and validation of opportunities?

Problems with Sales Inspection?

Problems with understanding decision making process?

Problems with offering discounts without knowing the need or affect?


Problems with consistent under performers?

Problems with productivity, stack ranking, motivation and retention?


Does your sales team understand the sales-side value prop?

Does your sales team truly understand their competitive position?

Does your sales team know how to build technology to business value?