I’m Kevin Hooper, President and co-owner of Spectrum Leap LLC.  Spectrum Leap is the culmination of my various experiences in helping many sizes of companies prosper and grow by focusing on the activities of the people who bring your products and services to your customers: THE SALES FORCE.

I have a ton of strong opinions, and in many cases, stories of how I have helped companies that have led to those opinions.   Sales management:  the management of the sales force, the metrics of your sales and your customers has comprised most of my career, and frankly it generally isn’t done all that well.

Most of the time that hasn’t really mattered.  After all in technology we generally have had significant upgrades or releases of products every 12-18 months.   Wouldn’t hammer manufacturers do really well if we all upgraded our hammers every 12 months?

But now, we deal with Cloud, Agile Software development and DevOps.   When our sales people fail now, we focus on forecast calls and inspection.  But what if there was another way?

Stay tuned for the discussions, the revelations and the improvement.