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I’ve worked on Kevin’s team at HPE and Lenovo. Kevin always delivers for his customers, his team, for the company, and for the success of all. He is the go to executive to engage executives at customers and partners. His strategic approach to the business is respected from the C-Suite to the field rep. And, he sets up processes that raise the level of success for everyone in his organization. Kevin’s work creates an environment for a winning culture” Troy Tiner Director Sales Engineering, Lenovo

“Kevin is an accomplished leader with experience on both sides of the table – as a major vendor, and as a partner. He is very skilled at finding the chinks in an organizations strategy, both operationally and on delivery. Kevin does a great job of breaking down strategy and identifying the issues that must be addressed. Kevin is a big proponent of the channel and leverages those resources to maximize reach. He’s got a great mix of large and small company experience and does a great job of promoting the business – fantastic speaker.” – Michael Dowling, Director of Analytic Sales, Oracle.

“I have worked for Kevin as a senior executive leader at two companies. He possesses the skills required of an executive – effective general management, broad practical knowledge of all corporate functions, strong leadership, and a strategic mindset. At the same time, he executes by driving his organization to be a significant asset both internally and externally to customers, additionally he is both willing and very able to sell. Suffice it to say that in my career, there are 3-4 individuals who have truly influenced me and led to my success – Kevin is one of those.” Matt Brown, WW Partner Segment Leader, AWS

“Kevin is one of the most dynamic, inspiring, and supportiveleaders I have had the pleasure to work with. Fromunderstanding financial complexities to mentoring, nurturing,and developing highly effective teams, Kevin’s strengths allowhim to contribute to every aspect of the organization.” Joseph Salisbury, Ph.D. Vice President, Enterprise Sales, Support and Marketing, NEC.

“One of the smartest sales leaders I know. Knows the the sales, analytics, P&L, operations functions of running an organization. One of the best sales leaders I’ve ever worked for!” Fabrice Prevost, Channel Sales Veeam.